Quadzilla adrenaline v2 lope tune

What do the iQuad custom tuning parameters do? How should I go about tuning my Adrenaline for my truck? Can I get service for my Stealth II programmer?

quadzilla adrenaline v2 lope tune

It really depends on how you want your switch setup. In order to have the module be in its Power setting with the switch up, you should mount the switch with the black wire down.

Where do I hook up my MAP sensor adapter or boost fooler? I just bought a second hand Adrenaline. What do I need to make it work for my truck?

Quadzilla Standard Tunes

If you would like to know if your used Adrenaline will work with your truck, follow this guide to know what you need to do to make it work.

All prices are in USD. Please wait My Account Sign in or Create an account. All prices are in All prices are in USD. There are a couple of ways to tell if you have the new V2 tuning on your Adrenaline. The first is to drive in power level 1.

If it is slower and more sluggish than stock, you have the V2 tuning. A better way is to actually load the V2 tuning profile on your iQuad app and connect to your iQuad or iQuadBT then look at a sensor called 'Build Date'. That sensor will show the date that the firmware on your Adrenaline was built.

If it shows anything at all, you have a version of V2. The latest version was built on so if you have an earlier version you will want to update your firmware. Can I buy a Pulse V2 monitor? Due to manufacturing complications, the Pulse can no longer be produced or supported.


We are considering the possibility of a replacement but at this time all efforts are being concentrated on the iQuad and iQuadBT. The iQuad and iQuadBT provide more control and features than the Pulse and is the only way to truly utilize all features of the Adrenaline. Can I get my existing Pulse V2 reprogrammed? We can reprogram some PV2 monitors. However, the results may vary and some PV2 monitors may become unresponsive. Why haven't you offered a new monitor?

The last monitor we made used a small 3. They just don't make that screen any longer.By Me Tuners: Adrenaline standard The Quadzilla Adrenaline tuner, or Quad ADR, is a wiretap fuelingcanbus fueling, and timing box for your 24v Cummins power turbo diesel in a Dodge ram application.

It is very customizable which makes it easy to tune for your specific needs. Model numbers: ADR Every truck will act different.

The ADR 4k tuners are very well known for not being street friendly. Again I am pretty sure that the only physical difference in the 4k tuner between the model years is the jumper inside. The wiring harness pigtails for the MAP and Canbus should be the only difference.

There is a lot of good information in that thread that I am not going to move over to this thread at this point. To my knowledge no one has tried yet. If the jumper is installed the MAP values will read correctly for the years but not right for the Taking the jumper off from within will make the You can see the jumper circled in the picture below.

No Jumper installed Truck ran fine, tunes loaded fine.

quadzilla adrenaline v2 lope tune

The difference really comes with the wiring harness pigtails that shipped with the unit as explained below. Connectors Main harness Connector. The main Harness Connector is a Delphi Connector. I believe there is an adapter to convert from 00 style to style, but it is very hard to come by. The 01 and 02 don't share the same MAP sensor pin layout but they use the same plug. This converter isn't as hard to find. You should be able to find this adapter from EDGE. The plugs are the same regardless of the of maker of the tuners.We can see that your guest and been lurking about.

When you register on the MoparMan. Com site you'll be able to interact with all the other members. This is the most friendliest Cummins forum you'll ever join. Com this will open up many more options and functions on the website. Everyone is very friendly and helpful just ask questions and everyone will help you out the best they can.

By MeOctober 28, in Quadzilla Power. Please learn what each tuning variable does. There V2 tuning article covers everything in depth along with a video explaining each item. Minimum Pump Tap Fueling Percentage:.

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Minimum Pump Tap Fueling Percentage Timing vs rpm. Timing Max: Looks good, the only thing I'm thinking is maybe go up a little bit on the TPS minimum to keep from using so much of the pump. It's good for the power when I need it, but otherwise would probably hurt mileage a bit since I would be using a bit more throttle while pulling. Timing Reduct Scaling: Maximum Fuel Stretch: Boost Scaling: Power Reduction: That was someone can find a setup close to theirs and use that to tune.

Also missed the Max Fuel Stretch. Power Levels: Power Reduction: LOW. If you are concerned about wiretap at cruise sucking down fuel just leave it on lvl 3. I would do that regardless, but I dunno if lvl 3 is enough fuel for you or not. Power Levels: 6.

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Power Reduction: 25 truck might not really idle this low. If you set this at 0 it iwll give you no wiretap until you hit the psi in the setting above it, in this example 8 psi. I've taken a stock tune and tweaked it to my own liking.We can see that your guest and been lurking about.

When you register on the MoparMan. Com site you'll be able to interact with all the other members. This is the most friendliest Cummins forum you'll ever join. Com this will open up many more options and functions on the website. Everyone is very friendly and helpful just ask questions and everyone will help you out the best they can. By Anthony24vMay 3, in Quadzilla Power.

Looking for some good custom tunes. All kinds. New to this type of tuner just trying to get the feel for it. We've got a download area full of tunes and then the Quadzilla Forum where you can hook up with Spencer Quadzilla Power. I'll also inform you a smoke tune proves one thing you don't know how to tune nor make real power.

That is another you wont find smokey tune. Diesel trucks have gotten bad rap for that over the years. Sorry, I don't see your logic. If I'm already ahead of the foolish driver just stay there all your problems are literally behind you now. Trust me I'm on the road quite a bit these days and I can spot the idiot drivers quick and just use the wiretap I can overtake them and leave the problem drivers behind me. I driving miles 3 days a week minimum miles a week.

I've not found a good reason to smoke anyone out other than it brings down more EPA laws on the diesel community. Now looking forward to 4th gens with all the junk that is for EPA equipment, not fun working on.Quadzilla Power is proud to offer V2 Adrenaline Tuning, the most customizable tuning for Create multiple tunes that change only peak power, but be able to run newly smokeless even with big injectorsinjectors, towing, or at high altitude.

If your truck has modified engine or powertrain components the V2 Adrenaline Tuning is a must have. For years Quadzilla has offered different tunes for the Adrenaline, but V2 tuning is easier to use and unlocks more features.

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V2 Adrenaline tuning allows you, the enthusiast, to have the ability to make your truck perform better than it ever has!

You will have the ability to adjust and tune everything from fueling to timing, warm up mode to a cool down timer all at the tips of your fingers. With V2 Adrenaline Tuning you will be able to build as many custom tunes as your tablet or phone will hold, meaning you can have pre-built tunes for low power valet, towing, daily driving, fuel economy, racing, no smoke, etc….

Changing tunes only takes a few moments and can be done while the truck is running. Changing power levels within each tune can also be done on the fly. The main tuning feature groups that you can adjust to make your truck run its best are:.

Your Adrenaline will come preloaded with a universal V2 tune. Check out our custom tuning guide to get started:. Adrenaline Custom Tuning Guide.

Adrenaline Tunes

All prices are in USD. Please wait My Account Sign in or Create an account.

quadzilla adrenaline v2 lope tune

All prices are in All prices are in USD. V2 Tuning. Connect with us Facebook. Name Email.By Me Please don't report bugs to them, report them to us. Please shoot him a Buck or two in the donation prompt that comes up when you use the tool. There are countless hours involved in the development. To download this Excel Macro tool please visit the download section. Double Click the Excel file to open. You will be asked to donate, click yes if you want to send a few bucks to the guy who put the work in, or No if you want to just use the tune.

This will Open to the tune builder window. Ensure you click "enable editing" and "enable content" if they appear at the top. You can use the Ez tune builder button on the Form to bring up injector size and Altitude. These settings will pre populate a safe and clean tune. Step 5. Export your Tune, click "export tune" and then save it to your desired location.


You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.By Me Quadzilla Custom Tuning How-To.

The Quadzilla Adrenaline allows for a significant amount of custom tuning to be done by the user to alter the way that the Quadzilla ADR commands fueling. This gives the Quadzilla a significant advantage over other tuners on the market. Side note, if you would rather have a pre built tune to start with you can checkout our tune repository.

It is VERY important to understand that each truck is going to be a little different.

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Your truck will run as well as you tune it. We are more than willing to answer questions about how it works, but putting in the leg work is your responsiblity. If you follow the Guide posted in Section 3 you should have no trouble making a tune that works well for you. Compare smoke vs power to the data log to see where you need to add more fuel or pull more fuel. The Quadzilla V2 tuning is not magic, if you don't put time in to figure out what your truck likes the end result may be less than stellar.

If you need to buy a Quadzilla Adrenaline you can order one here. Section 3: Getting Started with V2 Tuning. You must have a V2 base tune loaded for these to work along with selecting the V2 vehicle out of the Iquad Vehicle Selection list. One will not work without the other. V2 has everything that V1 has, but more. Can TPS min and Max are no longer used in V2 tuning as the user can tune CANbus fueling to their own liking above stock, below stock, or at stock levels. This makes TPS min and max no longer needed.

Quadzilla has introduced a new power level called power reduction as the new lvl 1. The more levels you have the smaller the jump in power per level. Because of the additional lvl we have increased the Max Level to 6 rather than 5 and the upper limit to 15 rather than This will allow pretty much ANY truck with ANY fueling mods to pass emissions that are based on smoke output, without making the truck dangerous on the road.

These custom tuning settings can be switched on the fly without having to download a new tune. You can store up to 10 custom tunes on your device. Here you can see I have 3 tunes, Daily, Race, and Tow. Here is the screen shots for the new tuning. Max Power Levels. Rather setting Max Power Levels higher give you more "steps" of wiretap fueling until the max is reached. A truck at ' altitude with 7 x.


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